translated from Spanish: They burn and ransack premises of Mall Arauco Quilicura

Around 8 p.m., a group of hooded women set fire to the mall in Quilicura.They also recorded shearings in some stores. The event would have occurred from alleged allegations that the mall has been used as a torture center. The mayor of the commune of Quilicura, Juan Carrasco, spoke with 24 hours and indicated that «There were a significant number of people who were in the square demonstrating and at this minute Fire crew are coming to cover the fire». In addition, through a statement the municipality referred to the complaints and the building requested the National Institute of Human Rights and the Children’s Defender’s Office to delve into the alleged torture carried out in the shopping centre. In that document, the mayor states that «from the first minute as a building in the commune, I have absolutely blamed crime and the rants. However, we cannot guarantee unlawful aggression and apprehensions to make use of torture force.» Our Human Rights Department has already made contact with your family, and they are working on formal complaints,» he said. For its part, INDH noted that it received the complaint and announced the transfer of a professional from the entity to «assess the filing of the appropriate legal actions».

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