translated from Spanish: You Can’t Rosario – The Opinion of Benjamin Mendoza

You can’t Rosario, because you’re not like us, like us. You cannot Rosario, because you are but the sister of a murderer, of a narco, of a joint, of a lazy and Mariguan vandal who did not understand rules and respect, because you are sister of an unpatriotic, spy of international communism, undemocratic, lover of genocidal like Che or Mao, you can’t because you certainly have the same ideas as your crazy brother, you’re going to want everyone to be wanted, to defend everyone, if some, like your brother’s bloodthirsty terrorist, get what they deserve , they look for him, they walk in bad steps and then they are crying, so you Rosary, you can’t.
You can’t Rosario, please, you’re a psychologist, you studied to cure crazy people, they say that psychologists study to heal themselves, so you’re crazy, that’s why you can’t. You’ve never had a good job, you’ve been a teacher, and i’m sure the eggballs that go on the marches but not to work, everywhere you run because of your family, crazy family, you’re rightly crazy. You can’t because you don’t have a master’s degree in law, or a doctorate at a prestigious university, because you don’t speak English, you’re not a lawyer, because you don’t know about human rights, you don’t know how to get them respected because you didn’t go to a law school.
You cannot Rosario, if you are only the daughter of the reruly that who with nothing was content, of the gossip that did not recognize the achievements of the PRI, because the PRI also did good things, but she never recognized them. Rosario, you cannot, you are the daughter of the mythology who did not attend her home, who did not educate her children well for walking in the arguing, who did not teach them values, to respect their elders, the authorities, the rich and good men; If your mom was probably a whore and that’s why God punished you, you can’t Rosario, you can’t.
How can you chair the National Commission on Human Rights if you followed in your mother’s footsteps? If you do not ignore injustices, if you really plan to punish the abuse of power, if you believe that the army and the police should also be judged when they make mistakes, if you plan to prosecute the powerful, if you are an ordinary citizen, if you are a left-wing citizen , if you have always supported Obrador, if you are born, if you are not part of «intellectuality» or the evil so-called «political class», if you have lived in your own flesh the pain of enforced disappearance, slander, abuse of power, trafficking in influence, if you have been threatened if you’ve fought all your life, if you’re a woman, if your mother was the first candidate for president, how can you? You see it Rosario, you can’t, even if you want, we won’t let you that you can, you never can, you’re not like us, you’re not like us, you can’t Rosario, you can’t.

Original source in Spanish

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