translated from Spanish: After 11 days peasants retire seeding in San Lázaro

After 11 days of keeping the roads surrounding the Chamber of Deputies blocked, the peasants have begun to remove their seedling to return to their places of origin.

However, they pointed out that they will return, because although the 2020 Budget has already been approved, their demands for a larger budget for the field were not resolved, for this they announced that they will make alliances with the National Action Party (PAN) and together seek more resources.

Panist deputies will help peasants reach out to local governments to obtain resources via state congresses, said Alvaro Lopez, leader of the National Union of Agricultural Workers (UNTA), according to Milenio.

They assured you that «today we get up, and we leave defeated? Lol I think we did one more day of the struggles we’ve been doing for years.» 

The camp, maintained by the National Union of Agricultural Workers (UNTA), included field houses, chairs, bathrooms and canteens, which the peasants have already begun to uninstall to free up roads.

Alvaro López denied that his search for more resources is for «moches» or acts of corruption, as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has pointed out. 
With information from Milenio and Notimex.
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