translated from Spanish: Bolivian Senate approves new general election

The Senate gave the green light this Saturday to new elections in Bolivia without former President Evo Morales as a candidate, after a month of violent political crisis that leaves 32 dead.
«It is unanimously approved (…) the ‘Exceptional and Transitional Regime for the Holding of general election’ Bill,» the Senate announced on its Twitter account. The initiative will be passed to the Chamber of Deputies earlier this afternoon for approval, before being enacted into law by Acting President Jeanine Añez.

The plenary of the House of @SenadoBolivia unanimously approved in its stations in large and detail, the «Exceptional and Transitional Regime for the Conduct of General Elections» Bill and refers it to @Diputados_Bol, for its treatment.
— Senate of Bolivia (@SenadoBolivia) November 23, 2019

Evo Morales, who is a political refugee in Mexico, will not be able to participate in the new elections since in a statement the Senate reported that the bill «makes it impossible for those who had been re-elected in two previous constitutional periods to be re-elected.»
The approved project also leaves without legal effect the elections held on October 20, where Morales would have been elected, and gives rise to new votes to elect new representatives.
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