translated from Spanish: Morelia government agrees with SEMACM to improve the salary of municipal employees

Morelia, Michoacán.- A statement reported that the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco, signed an agreement with the Morelia Municipal Administrative and Related Employees Union (SEMACM), before the Court of the Conciliation and Arbitration Board Michoacán State, which determines a three per cent increase for all workers in their wage perception.
After various approaches and negotiations between the leader of the majority union of the City Council, Jorge Molina and the Secretary of Administration, Gabriel Prado, in which they conducted with respect and sensitivity, it was possible to agree an increase of the three percent for the entire working base.
For this purpose, both parties formalised the agreement this afternoon before the Conciliation and Arbitration Tribunal of the State of Michoacán, which celebrated the goodwill to reach this decision that benefits those involved.
Raúl Morón, expressed his satisfaction with the maturity and sensitivity with which the situation was conducted, with which, in addition to improving the conditions of the workers of the City Council, an efficient and dedicated work is guaranteed to the morelianos.
For his part, Jorge Molina, as representative of the employees, applauded the mayor’s decision to support them and agree that a responsible improvement was needed, with which progress is made in the commitment to honor his day-to-day work in favor of the municipality.

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