translated from Spanish: They give away cleaning equipment and trash cans to traders at Guadalupanas Festivals

Morelia, Michoacán.- By report they report that the Municipal Government in conjunction with the Francisco J. Música Union delivered garbage cans to merchants installed in the Historic Center of Morelia, on the occasion of the Guadalupanas Festivals.
Led by the Secretary of Municipal Public Services, Ramón Baltierra Sánchez, the entourage toured the stalls that are located in the San Diego Causeway, to greet them and thank them for their participation in this celebration so emblematic for the city.
In this context, Ramón Baltierra Sánchez delivered 70 boats, brooms and pickers for the food area, which will serve to sweep and store the waste and prevent them from being thrown into the street or green areas.
«It is important that not only traders join the cleanliness of the Center, but also the attendees, because as long as we all become aware of not throwing away trash, we will have a clean and orderly party,» he said.
The Guadalupanas Festivities conclude on December 12th and in that time, the Moralians will be able to enjoy as a family an event full of fun, coffers, crafts, mechanical games, the traditional reeds and many more surprises.
To ensure that it is a fully familiar holiday and to avoid accidents, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, pyrotechnic games and piracy is not allowed in the entire area where traders are placed.

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