translated from Spanish: Carabineros referred to Mon Laferte’s sayings: «We reserve the possibility of filing legal actions»

Mon Laferte generated a series of reactions, after stating in an interview with Univision that «there are many cases where the police themselves and the military were the ones who were on fire», referring to the fires that occurred in e l Santiago Metro during social demonstrations. To this, I had already added that «Does it seem to you that burning a supermarket, which is insured, that they are transnational, of millionaire entrepreneurs, is more important than the lives of people? What is worth taking the military out on the street and repressing the people for material good? For a good that has been stolen from us for a lifetime?» he said. With that, he argued that «I do not condone any kind of violence. But if I have to go and burn down a supermarket, which has robbed me all my life, to demand what has been due to me by a basic right, I do. Because we’re talking about human lives, not material goods. The world has to stop being so individualistic, stop thinking about their money and look a little next to it.» Her sayings reached Carabineros, who through her Twitter account referred to the singer’s statements by posting an excerpt of the news. «In relation to this information circulating on social networks, we clarify that Carabineros is constantly working on restoring public order. We reserve the possibility of bringing legal action against anyone who unsubstantiates these allegations,» they wrote.

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