translated from Spanish: Chileno will participate in innovation competition in Spain with inclusion venture

Diego Villarroel is the Chilean who will travel to Spain, between November 26 and 28, 2019, to represent the country in the world grand final of the innovation competition of Fundación everis. He will present the Vi-Sor entrepreneurship, after winning in Chile the fourth local version of the Attitude Award, an award that aims to enhance entrepreneurship, innovation and talent.
Vi-Sor is a video interpretation system that allows interpreters of different languages or languages, even sign language to support and facilitate the participation or development of people with disabilities or with language differences such as access to services, public care, medical centers, job interviews, call centers, events, team meetings and classrooms.
“We have been working in Chile for three years and now we want to enter with this technology in Uruguay and Peru. With this award, we also see opportunities in Spain. In part, thanks to the development of the mobile application, where Corfo is sponsoring us, so that people not only occupy it in an office or institution, but bring it in their pocket, which would allow to be in any market. This award means a lot to us, not only for recognition, but for all the networks it allows us to create,” Villarroel said.
In this final in Spain, Villarroel will have the option to compete with the Vi-Sor project for the first place that includes a prize of 60,000 euros, in addition to a mentoring of the innovation experts of Fundación everis and the possibility of carrying out work links and entrepreneurship with the rest of the attendees of this international event.

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