translated from Spanish: Interjet denies that its accounts are seized for complaint against its owner

The airline Interjet reported that all its operations are carried out normally and that the company’s accounts “are not seized by any authority as some means erroneously handle it.”
The clarification comes after two judges ordered the insure of the accounts and companies of Miguel Alemán Magnani, president and owner of Interjet, following Televisa’s complaint against him for failing to comply with the purchase of Sistema Radiópolis (Televisa Radio).
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On Saturday, the newspaper Reforma reported on the judges’ decision and detailed that Interjet would be one of the German Magnani companies whose accounts would be insured by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV).
However through its social networks, Interjet denied this version and called the information “inaccurate”.

— Interjet (@interjet) November 23, 2019

Last October, Grupo Televisa sued the entrepreneur and his Corporate Coral “for not complying with the purchase of Sistema Radiópolis (Televisa Radio)”.
In its third quarter 2019 report, Televisa said the default was because a down payment of $32 million was not made.
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Since last year, Televisa has explored the possibility of selling its radio business. It currently owns 50% of the shares of the radio group and the other 50% belongs to Grupo Prisa.
In July, Televisa and Grupo Coral, from Alemán Magnani, announced an agreement to acquire 50% of Radiópolis System.
Corporate Coral would pay a total of $65 million to seal from Televisa’s stock, but as an initial deposit he had pledged to deliver $32 million, an amount he could not get.
“The obtaining of financing was not agreed as a condition for making the payment. The Company will initiate appropriate legal actions if the Obligators persist in their failure to comply with their payment obligations,” Televisa warned at the time.
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