translated from Spanish: Johnson vows to execute «Brexit» before end-january

Shortly before the official presentation of the Conservative Party manifesto, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised on Sunday (24.11.2019) to execute «Brexit» before the end of January 2020, requiring re-entry of the bill divorce with the European Union before Christmas, as long as the Conservatives get a majority in the general election of 12 December.
«It’s time to turn the page to doubt, to the delays and division of recent years and to begin a new chapter in the incredible history of this country, the best place on Earth,» said the «tory» leader. The party’s electoral programme contains a promise to hand over the «Brexit» agreement to Parliament by 25 December, in order to be approved before the scheduled date of departure on 31 January 2020.
«When families sit down to eat the turkey this Christmas, I want them to enjoy the festive season without the seemingly endless drama of ‘brexit,'» Johnson said, calling this possibility an «early Christmas gift» for those who are tired of the process. The chief executive said the Conservative programme «will make ‘Brexit’ run and allow us to move forward and unleash the potential of the whole country.»
No tax will rise
The British will return to the polls for an early election after Parliament rejected Johnson’s «Brexit» agreement with the European Union. According to the latest polls, conservatives are likely to get a comfortable majority that will allow them to move forward their plans, the most important of which is to close the divorce with the EU at once. This requires the reintroduction of the agreement, this time with a Parliament dominated by them.
The Conservatives advanced part of the party’s manifesto, which will officially be presented in Birmingham. Among the most striking aspects is a «triple tax block,» which ensures that «tories» will not increase income tax, social security contributions or VAT if they are re-elected and that they will «return money to the taxpayer’s pocket» .

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