translated from Spanish: Malaysia’s last Sumatran rhino dies and fewer than 80 in the world

The last rhino in Sumatra in Malaysia, Imam, has died this Saturday due to cancer at the age of 25, bringing this species to formally disappear from the country and its population is only concentrated in Indonesia.The Sa Department of Wildlife bah has reported that Imam died at 17.35 of natural causes. «It was sooner than we expected,» said department director Augustine Tuuga, according to the newspaper ‘Malay Mail’ in its digital edition. «We knew I was in a lot of pain from the pressure of tumors on the bladder,» he added. The veterinarian in charge had already decided that from Sunday he would be given morphine in the face of the ineffectiveness of other painkillers. Now the Malaysian authorities hope to recover an egg from Imam to fertilize it ‘in vitro’ and for another rhino to gede a descendant of the already deceased. So far the attempts at reproduction along this route have not been successful.» Imam has had the best care and care since she was captured in March 2014 and until her death,» said Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew.The Sumatran rhino was declared freely extinct in Malaysia in 2015 and it is estimated that there are only between 30 and 80 specimens on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and in the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo.

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