translated from Spanish: New Piñera project divides parties and coalitions by powers to FFAA to operate at strategic sites without State of Exception

President Sebastián Piñera announced on Sunday that next week will send Congress a bill to use the Armed Forces in protecting public infrastructure «without the need to establish is constitutional crisis in the midst of the social crisis affecting the country.
The bill will allow the Armed Forces to «collaborate in the protection of critical infrastructure,» which includes electricity and drinking water systems and «police infrastructure,» Piñera told the press, following a visit to the school Carabineros NCOs.
The move was challenged by Members of the Broad Front, who called the submission of this project a mistake.
«The problem remains political, not military. Against a backdrop of impunity and systemic human rights violations, pretending to hand over power to the armed forces is not only a political error but a criminal measure,» said RD President Catalina Pérez, according to La Tercera.
In her words was added the Member Claudia Mix of the Common Party, who noted that with this the president «again puts bereceous fire when seeking to take the military out into the street without declaring a state of emergency to support Carabineros», adding that these «are not prepared for «public order» work» and that is «tremendous irresponsibility.»
«We believe that control of public order is a priority»
The President of the Christian Democracy, Fuad Chahein, expressed support for the announcement made this morning by the President. «We believe that law enforcement is a priority, that if it is necessary for Army personnel, without limiting any kind of right or displacement, to be able to safeguard critical infresfacts, I believe that this possibility must be assessed anyway to free Carabineros,» the helmsman of the phalanx told La Tercera.
However, Chaunin stated that it is necessary to consider whether the best instrument for this is a law – as the Mandatario made known – or through constitutional reform. «We have to evaluate, but in principle it seems to me that we cannot refuse the need to strengthen the safeguarding of public order,» he added.
Mr Gabriel Silber, also DC, joined the support and stated that «with the same strength that we call on the government urgently for the social agenda, we must support all measures that give peace and security to our compatriots. Not to get lost.»
Since officialism, THE DEputies of the UDI Juan Antonio Coloma and Osvaldo Urrutia appreciated the announcement of Piñera. Both legislators stated that «precisely so that Carabineros and the IDP do not continue to be overwhelmed by groups of anti-social shams that have taken advantage of the just demands of the public, in order to vandalize the country, that the FFAA collaborate with logistical and personnel to safeguard the country’s critical infrastructure, to avoid outages of electrity, water or others, are in line with their duty, which is to protect the safety of Chileans and the country.»
«Society can’t resist any more organized drug groups and vandals that are destroying families, SMEs and the country’s economy,» both lawmakers said.
Coloma and Urrutia called for an immediate discussion once the bill is entered into Congress and there we will see those who want to return social peace or remain ambiguous with violence.»

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