translated from Spanish: New Sports Committee ? THE DEBATE

The news was that the new Administrative Committee of the Dr. Florentino Camacho Rivera softball stadium was protesting. And there’s the protests on social media, so why not also form a committee for the Colosso del Dique football stadium? These new tenants for softball speak that it will be for the development and conservation of said park. And of the other properties, which are really few, no one said anything. Maybe they’ll go one by one. Groaning, as the other said, to see what you can look at. The ruler Romeo Gelinec Galindo speaks on Facebook that it is in accordance with decree number 23 in his third article. Either way, this is not the king’s business, as the classic said. Footballers also have their little heart. The current monument to football, that forgotten park, after the professional football club, Murciélagos, F.C., needs complete rehabilitation. The authorities know it, footballers, more. The Coloss del Dique, built in the administration of Dr. Alfredo Díaz Angulo (1984-1986), was something to be admired. Colophon. And about artus, tocus, miusic, -translation- «Money makes your life easier, but it’s not happiness».yes! After that, the only ones who invested in their support were brothers Miguel and Elías Galindo, owners of the football project. Now, in full decline, we must lift it. Our ultimate expression in football must not succumb.

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