translated from Spanish: Non-signatory parties to the «Peace Agreement» file a «Sovereign Agreement» for social demands

A group of communities that had subtracted from the signing of the «Peace Agreement», and which includes the Communist Party (PC), the Progressive Party (PRO), the Social Green Regionalist Federation (FREVS), the Humanist Party (PH) and the Equality Party, came together to present their own proposal. The document was called the «Sovereign Agreement,» and from the various political stores they noted that «no one can arrogate ownership of these democratic mobilizations,» criticizing the pact signed by the rest of the communities, calling it part of «the same practices» that «have sustained the model in crisis.» In addition, PRO President Camilo Lagos noted that «With the passage of days it becomes clearer that it was not a good agreement to sign by some opposition parties and the right. He doesn’t listen to the citizens he keeps marching.» They add that «They intend to solve a crisis of legitimacy the same parties that are delegitimized. That is why we propose a different path, sovereign, for people to decide.» The «Sovereign Agreement» includes seven points with suggestions, the ideas of which were embodied «in the chilen workers’ specification of the Bureau of Social Unity». They initially call for a «real policy of reparation for all victims», with the aim of reaffirming the «commitment to truth and justice in cases of human rights violations». They also propose to increase the minimum wage to $510,000 liquid, and that the minimum pension be equivalent to that amount. The text also calls for the elimination of AFPs and for a discussion of a new solidarity pension system. Another aspect is the call to suppress the credits that are dragged by students such as the CAE, Corfo and others. And they also suggest creating a regional revenue law that secures resources for the local development of each region. With regard to the construction of a New Constitution, the parties propose that the entry plebiscite include the option of a Sovereign Constituent Assembly, together with the establishment of the compulsory vote and from the age of 16 for the whole process. In that line they indicated that there must be the right to volunteer between the ages of 14 and 16, and a previous deliberative phase with citizen participation to extract ideas based on lobbyists. And finally, they aim to build a political-social-academic commission to establish its own electoral system for the election of constituent delegates, ensuring gender parity in the Assembly; quotas for native peoples; quorums to define standards are not less than 3/5.

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