translated from Spanish: Prosecutor’s Office has formalized more than 17,000 defendants in the context of demonstrations since 18 October

Through an official statement Of Chile’s Public Prosecutor’s Office reported today that 25,505 people have been taken to Detention Control Hearings (ACD) for various crimes, between the start of social demonstrations in the country, on October 18 And November 15. The figure is 18% higher than that recorded in the same period of 2018, while the largest number of defendants is concentrated in the Metropolitan, Valparaiso and Biobío.De according to the analysis reported by the Management of Studies of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the total number of 17,434 people were numbered in the period, an increase of 72% compared to the same period in 2018. On the other hand, 88% of the defendants passed to ACD were arrested in flagrance. Among the total formalizes, the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested and obtained 1,431 preventive prisons, while in another 15,481 cases a ban was issued to assist certain places, to approach the victim, and to leave the national territory, among other provisions, among other provisions dictated by the courts of justice. The 4 Metropolitan Regional Prosecutor’s Offices account for 33% of the defendants taken to ACD (8,498 persons), followed by Valparaiso (4,120) and Biobío (2,046). Theft rather than uninhabited, commonly known as the sacy, is the main crime recorded in the period: it grew by 213% with 2,236 people passed to detention control hearings. His less serious injuries follow, with 2,001 arrested; simple threats to people and property, with 1,798 ACDs; and public disorders, with 1,699 defendants. During the period under discussion, there has also been a decrease in the offences of simple theft and theft of misconduct (between 54% and 65%) 46% in microtrafficking. The decisions have been declared legal in 95% of ACD cases. The illegalities have been related to the quality of the part and the delict narrative.

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