translated from Spanish: ‘There’s a new Constitution,’ SAYS AMLO about his government’s reforms

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said this Sunday in Tlapa, Guerrero, that «there is already a new Constitution», by making a list of the reforms that have been approved so far so far from his government, which began in December 2018.
«What would it be, if we talked about the Fourth Transformation?» he asked people at a public event.
«Make a new Constitution, but we said: No, it’s going to generate a lot of stir, we’re going to go slow because we’re in a hurry, and when they come to figure out there’s going to be a new Constitution, and I can tell you here, in Tlapa, that there’s already a new Constitution.»
López Obrador mentioned the reform to get corrupt officials jailed without bail, reform to ban tax forgiveness on big taxpayers, and that «now it’s a felony too» voter fraud.
«What other reforms have been made to affirm that it is a new Constitution? So-called education reform no longer exists. Do you remember how teachers were blamed for little educational development?» the president continued.
«The right of the people to health, health care, free medicines is already established in the Constitution. Why are we going to talk about how health services are? We know that. Health centers without doctors, without medicines, the same hospitals. I am committed to improving the public health system.
This is how the Constitution has been reformed.»
The representative also recalled that he sent an initiative to raise himself to constitutional ranks, for older adults, people with disabilities, to be paid pensions, and for all poor students to be entitled to a scholarship, to study at all levels of schooling.
Finally, on the subject of reforms, he mentioned those focused on revocation of mandate and citizen consultations.
«Citizen consultations can already be made. If people disagree on a government decision, they will have the right to ask for a citizen consultation,» López Obrador said.
«And not only that, now there will be revocation of the mandate. The President of the Republic is going to undergo a consultation in 2022, the people will be asked: do you want the president to continue or to resign?, because the people put and the people remove and that is already established in the Constitution.
And we do this out of conviction, but we also do so that force is not used to dismiss a legal and legitimately constituted authority. We don’t want coups here in Mexico, we don’t want imposition by force.»
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