translated from Spanish: Traveling Puro Sinaloa generates spills in municipalities

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Through the Program Traveling Pure Sinaloa is generating economic spillage in the municipalities and also promotion of the tourist destinations that they have, Guadalupe Elena Audelo of the Valle.La deputy director of Tourism and Services of the government of Ahome added that this has certainly been an excellent way to promote the state of Sinaloa among the Sinaloens themselves as an opportunity to know the state at a very affordable price that ranges from 399 pesos to 650 pesos.

Yesterday, two groups of 40 people each from Culiacán and Costa Rica visited the main attractions of the municipalities of Ahome and El Fuerte. In Los Mochis they started the tour in sinaloa Park, the Trapiche Museum, as well as a walk through the city and then departed to El Maviri where they tasted the exquisite dishes of the sea, and in the port of Topolobampo they made the boat rides through the bay. “These groups are attracted to the dolphin sanctuary and the Chest, the used dolphin,” he said.
María Alejandra Rincón Moreno, who coordinated a group of ladies who came from Costa Rica, said they were delighted with The places Ahome has. “It’s very nice this place, that’s why we came back again, because some of us had already come and some of us come for the first time, but they are fascinated.”  

Travelers from Pure Travel Sinaloa visited the Trapiche Museum. Photo: Jorge Cota/ EL DEBATE

Tourist heritage
On the other hand, Guadalupe Elena Audelo, reported that Turismo Municipal started a program of awareness and tourist heritage, which is being taught in universities, mainly to students of the tourism career. “We are showing you the services and natural attractions that we have in Ahome, and the new routes that we are going to start as San Miguel, which is about to be a finished tourist product.” The municipal official added that this is in order to show students that there is work in the state and in the municipality in the tourism sector”Let them know that there is work and can exploit the tourist activity without having to go to other parts of the country. Let them work here in the state.” 

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