translated from Spanish: Waves up to 4 meters: tidal warnings are issued for the country’s coasts

The natural phenomenon will hit much of the country’s coastal sector from Monday. Meanwhile, from the Navy, they call for self-care and to respect the established security measures.

During this day, the Navy issued an alert to the weather conditions that would generate intense storm surges in large sections of the national coast from Monday, November 25. Specifically the impact would occur from Arica to the southern sector of Golfo de Penas, including the archipelago of Juan Fernández.Al regarding Roberto Díaz, captain of Corvette and member of the Maritime Meteorological Center of Valparaiso, noted that the waves could reach up to four metres in height in some parts of the country. The natural phenomenon should last until Thursday 28 November, presenting its greatest activity in the respective hours of pleamar (high tide) and according to the local wind conditions in each area. Therefore, the Navy calls for self-care and respect for established safety measures, such as not entering the sea and rocky sectors during storm surges, as well as not developing nautical and sports activities without the respective authorization.

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