translated from Spanish: 2020 budget will make food more expensive and cause job losses: Carlos Castaños

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- The blow that MORENA and the Federal Government are dealing to the primary sector, which includes the field, livestock and fisheries, through the approved budget for 2020, will wreak serious havoc on Sinaloa’s economy, declared the Federal Deputy, Carlos Castaños Valenzuela, who added that the productive sectors are being punished in exchange for a centralist budget, clientele, voter, opaque and discriminatory, which ignores the population and other orders of government. Unfortunately Morena’s deputies continue to make bad decisions, and it is extremely urgent that they address very seriously the signs that are already being presented, the panist legislator commented «already INEGI recognizes that the Mexican economy is in recession, we go back and this will affect us in every way; to solve this, a 2020 budget with greater vision, of promoting economic development, investment, that would generate confidence and generate more and better jobs, was expected, but it was not; they gave us a mediocre budget.» 

Castaños Valenzuela warned that the failed actions implemented by MORENA are affecting the whole country, without political distinctions, so it is urgent that solutions be addressed with greater seriousness and vision «I call on organized civil society, to institutions, guilds of entrepreneurs, farmers, ranchers and university students, trade unions, professionals, young people and students, to which we agree a Common Front for Mexico, for freedom and democracy; so that we all demand greater responsibility and clear results from the Federal Government,» Castaños said Valenzuela.Al obey the letter sent by the Federal Government, in which MORENA Deputies were ordered to approve the opinion as it had been sent by the president, they violate Mexico’s Political Constitution, they end up with the balance of powers that must be in the country, by violating the Responsibility of the Legislature to discuss and modify the budget, defining in an authoritarian and arbitrary to pass over all the groups that asked to be heard, said Carlos Castaños.» How can you say that Sinaloa did well when so many resources were taken from the countryside, to fishing, to livestock, to tourism, to economic development, to the environment, to work and social security? What are THE representatives of MORENA talking about, when they say that the supports will come straight in, if people continue to complain that they do not arrive, and all that recourse that is supposed to be spread directly to the population, has no rules of operation, no rules of operation are required Clear beneficiary and, most seriously, does not guarantee the development of the country» concluded the federal deputy, Carlos Castaños Valenzuela.

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