translated from Spanish: Accusing deputies filed in committee against President Piñera

At its first hearing session, the Constitutional Indictment Commission against President Sebastián Piñera received the accretives, MEP Carmen Hertz (PC) and MP Jaime Naranjo (PS), who detailed the two causes of the lib elo: the responsibility of the head of government for serious, repeated and systematic violations of DDs. Hh. committed by state agents in the last month; and to have seriously compromised the honor of the nation, given the concern expressed by the international community. The document includes the detail of cases of DD violations. Hh. by state agents, with complaints that have been filed for deaths, torture and injuries, mainly with eye trauma and loss of vision. What they supported with an audiovisual record presented to the commission. Mp Naranjo said the accusation is based on the need to answer for DD violations. Hh. that have been committed in democracy, since no authority is above the law and the Constitution.» I believe that the most important thing about this whole constitutional impeachment process is, justly, that the people who have lived through abuses, the excesses, the horrors; and the ordinary citizen in Chile who has not lived them, but has seen them, wonders, and who is responsible for this? Is there going to be any manager who’s going to pay for this? Or will he be seated on the defendants’ bench, at least, so he can respond? And I believe, precisely, that this constitutional accusation responds to that. Excesses. Because it’s one thing for legal responsibility,» he said. Meanwhile, MEP Hertz noted that DD violations. Hh. they are not the result of chance and that there has been serious and widespread state violence during and after nine days of state of emergency. He added that the President publicly endorsed the actions of the FF.AA. and Carabineros.Later, said constitutionalist professor Jorge Correa Sutil, who pointed out that, despite no court rulings, the evidence presented in the libel is indications that there was excessive use of force in the streets and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment against protesters. He considered that some of the President’s decisions such as declaring a state of emergency, declaring war and quoting the Cosena, were mistakes, but nevertheless exercised his constitutional duties. Correa recommended rejecting the accusation and invited the commission to answer the question of whether the President’s actions were taken with the deliberate purpose of violating human rights, a point of which there is no evidence in the libel. The member of the commission, Deputy Sofia Cid (RN) assessed the background collection to assess the provenance of the accusatory libel.» We are reviewing the accusation and listening to people with their different ideas about it. It was very interesting the presentation of Jorge Correa Sutil, quite objective, which also helps a lot. But it also sent us quite a few signs of what we should do as a Congress, of being a great contribution to what is happening today,» he said. He indicated that this second meeting served them to have a little more order in the future. Finally, Amnesty International, through its director, Ana Piquer, and crisis-based researcher Pilar Sanmartín referred to the report’s preliminary findings and recommendations last Thursday. In the investigation conducted between 19 October and 11 November, the organization documented and collected evidence of DD violations. Hh. committed by mainly military and Carabinieri, with the focus on the attack on people’s life and physical and psychic integrity. Ana Piquer explained that multiple acts of violence against protesters and attacks on the population are not sporadic events.» What we conclude is that serious and widespread violations of dDs have now been committed. HH., that we cannot speak merely of isolated cases, that we are talking about a pattern of behavior that is being repeated in many places in Chile and that, for the same reason, this can mean a responsibility not only of the people who are committing these acts; but also a command responsibility,» he said. In that regard, it said that the recommendations aimed, on the one hand, to take the effective measures needed to stop what was happening because it continued to happen, in terms of the attacks that people who peacefully demonstrate and, for example, another, the necessary measures to ensure that everything that is going on is investigated and brought to justice, including the line of command as appropriate,» he stressed. In addition, the agency proposes serious and professional reform to Carabineros and for the authorities to ensure that the legitimate demands of the population are met.

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