translated from Spanish: Comptroller instructed Carabineros summaries to investigate allegations of nicknames in the uniform

The Comptroller’s Office instructed the initiation of an administrative summary within Carabineros to investigate allegations concerning the identification of officials.
The comptroller will seek to determine any administrative responsibility after officials were caught at a demonstration in the city of Concepción using nicknames on the uniform instead of the surname.
It was in that city that a group of uniforms were photographed by photographer Diego Ibacache with nicknames such as «Destroyer, «Super Dick» and «Raptor», motivating a profession of Comptroller to Carabineros.
In the event of any responsibility, Comptroller’s Offices already advanced that there will be sanctions.
Special investigation by rubber balines
On the other hand, the Comptroller’s Offices also reported that they will initiate a special investigation to learn in detail about Carabineros’ purchases of deterrers, following complaints about the composition of the Balines – allegedly rubber- and the dates tear pumps.
It was the University of Chile that determined that the balinese used in the gears are not composed of 100% rubber.
In response, an audit team of the Comptroller went to the Carabineros quarters, where they held a coordination meeting with the Logistics Directorate, the Public Procurement Directorate and the Internal Audit Directorate of the uniformed police to begin the inquests.

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