translated from Spanish: General Condemnation THE DEBATE

A widespread conviction prompted a decision by Ahome Mayor Guillermo «Billy» Chapman to send elements of the Municipal Police Special Tactical Operations Group to cancel the act of the First International Dance Gala at the Ingenio Theater.Con leaders of political parties, businessmen, social leaders, among others, expressed their outrage at the use of force that is framed in intimidation and abuse of power in a cultural center of the city. In fact, the police mobilization sets up the treatment of criminals that was given to the families who attended this cultural and artistic event of international court, which was not valued for the arrogance and illness of the power of the rule of the municipality of Ahome.Es unheard of a special police force focusing on acting in a place of recreation where children are mostly, is that what they created this group of policemen for? What instead of intimidating civil society should they not focus on attacking crime? Is that what cops use, who are paid from the resources of the ahomens? The action that was taken on Saturday night at the Teatro Ingenio speaks of nothing but a misplaced government, which does not care for the forms and which acts more with authoritarian traits under the false pretext of complying with the law. It is exaggerated what they did, which again shows Chapman’s quality of leadership at Ahome.

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