translated from Spanish: German group accuses Televisa of wanting to charge double for Radiopolis sale

The German Group, of the entrepreneur Miguel Alemán Magnani, accuses that Grupo Televisa, with the protection of a judge, seeks a double gain with the complaint made against her for the breach of the purchase of Sistema Radiópolis (Televisa Radio).
In the statement, the group explains that last July Grupo Televisa y Corporativo Coral (by Miguel Alemán Magnani) signed a contract of sale of 100% of the shares owned by Grupo Televisa, which are 50% of the shares issued by Sistema Radiópolis, for a price of one thousand 248 million pesos.
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The first half would be covered on the closing date to finalize the delivery of the shares and the rest of the quantity, six months later.
On the established closing date “Corporate Coral, by agreement between the parties, signed a promissory note endorsed by Mr. Alemán Magnani, to guarantee the first payment ($624 million pesos), who recognized the content and signed before a notary”.
After this delivery, according to Grupo Alemán, the Televisa Group endorsed the promissory note owned by one of its subsidiaries (Televisa S.A. de C.V.), “with what is understood to have already been collected and benefited from it, without having delivered the shares of Sistema Radiópolis to Corporate Coral as it was obligatory”.
For this reason, Grupo Alemán has already filed the corresponding complaint.
“An illegal decision”
Although Televisa would have made such a charge filed a complaint against Corporate Coral and Miguel Alemán Magnani “for not complying with the purchase of Sistema Radiópolis (Televisa Radio)”.
The lawsuit proceeded and was resolved by Judge Noveno Civil of Mexico City, Magdalena Malpica, who ordered:
Do not pay dividends to Corporativo Coral (a Company of Grupo Alemán), nor to Mr. Miguel Alemán Magnani.
And prevent requesting the delivery of the shares of Sistema Radiópolis that they bought from Grupo Televisa.
For Grupo Alemán this verdict “is illegal and evidence of abuse of authority”, so we are already working on the corresponding legal acts to render it ineffective.
They argue that with this Televisa would get a double profit since, on the one hand, it demands the total contract price ($1.248 million pesos) plus damages, and on the other, demands the execution of the promissory note for another $624 million pesos.
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“They also intend to retain the shares, receive dividends, exercise the voting rights of Sistema Radiópolis and freeze the funds of the defendants; all this with the illegal protection of Judge Malpica,” they add.
They point out that the lawsuits filed by Televisa are unnecessary because the Coral Corporation maintains its interest in buying the shares of Grupo Televisa in Sistema Radiópolis, and even continues to carry out the corresponding actions to realize the operation.
They also reiterate that it is false that the accounts of their companies have been frozen following the judge’s decision, as was handled in some media a few days ago.
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