translated from Spanish: Indict comuneros of Comachuén, INPI delegate to create shock group

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- Members of the Council of the Communal Government of Comachuén, accused the delegate of the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples in Michoacán, Celerino Felipe Cruz, of creating a shock group in the community that has been the protagonist of meetings violent against the inhabitants.
According to Lourdes Cruz, a member of the Council, the last meeting between the two parties was on 19 November, in which 14 people were injured, so complaints have already been filed but without any response.

“The situation is already very serious, there has been a lot of violence. The corresponding allegations have been made but they have not listened to us.”

Therefore, on this day the comuneros took the welfare secretariat’s premises indefinitely until they dismiss the delegate, otherwise the protests will continue with the road-grabs, even warned that this measure could during the visit of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to Cherán.
On behalf of the Council, which the legal representative, Pavel Ulianov Guzmán, demanded a legislative table with deputies la cales and federal, to touch on topics such as the direct budget to the communities and the communal rounds, because in the last 4 legislative periods, it was not has done nothing on indigenous matters.
On the violence, the protesters directly held Celerino Felipe Cruz, federal delegate Roberto Pantoja Arzola and the state government directly responsible.

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