translated from Spanish: Minister Blumel and General Rozas will be questioned by Prosecutor’s Office in the case of Gustavo Gatica

Through a letter, the head of the Metropolitan High Complexity Unit Northern Center, Ximena Chong, invited the Minister of the Interior, Gonzalo Blumel, and the director general of Carabineros, Mario Rozas, to declare in cali witnesses in the context of the investigation into the case of Gustavo Gatica, the young man wounded in both eyes by pellets in early November.
According to the newspaper El Mercurio, the invitations were accepted, so they will be questioned during the week by the high-complexity prosecutor of the metropolitan Center Norte, Francisco Ledezma, who is in charge of the cause. He already took a statement to the victim last Tuesday at the Santa Maria Clinic, the same day that the suspension of the use of the riot shotgun was announced.
Until now, Blumel would deliver his testimony in La Moneda or elsewhere, while in the case of Rozas possible places are not yet determined.
Both testimonies are part of the diligence required by the family of the young man in the complaint presented before the Seventh Guarantee Court of Santiago through his lawyers, Carlos Gajardo and Pablo Norambuena.
To complete these meetings, Chong faced two denials of the Seventh Guarantee Court, when requesting a judicial authorization to subpoena them, required in article 23 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.
According to the article, this is because Blumel and Rozas hold a position listed in Article 300 of that text, which allows them to be «questioned in the place where they exercise their duties or at home», an alternative by which Chong finally bowed.
According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, it is pertinent to make a statement to Minister Blumel for his knowledge of Carabineros’ protocol, the fact investigated and its aftermath.
While General Rozas will be questioned after having assured that the perpetrators of the shootings are identified, and that the institution maintains a summary of the aggression.

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