translated from Spanish: They launch traditional Christmas campaign «Delivery with Sense»

To foster a space of solidarity and encounter among Chileans, is what CorreosChile seeks with the new version of its traditional Christmas campaign, an initiative that for 27 years has been looking to realize the dreams and illusions of thousands of vulnerable children in our country. The solidarity initiative – which this year will be carried out under the motto «Delivery with Sense» – will be extended from Arica to Punta Arenas until December 20.
The president of CorreosChile’s board, Armando Valdivieso, stated that, understanding that this end of the year has been complex for all Chileans, this Christmas Campaign emerges as an opportunity to generate ties that promote solidarity and a sense of community. «Meaningful delivery is more than a phrase that accompanies this activity. It is the desire that we have as a company to foster a positive encounter and thus move towards the Chile that we all want, more supportive, more generous, more participatory, more empathetic, fairer and more united than ever,» he said.
Similarly, Valdivieso highlighted the important social role that this campaign plays, connecting the spirit of solidarity of Chileans with the dreams and illusions of thousands of most vulnerable children in the country. «It is important that all Chileans contribute to a more supportive country by sponsoring a child. The experience of giving and receiving generously not only mark the lives of these children and their families, but also those who commit to be godparents,» he said.
Those who want to sponsor a letter, can approach any of the 41 branches enabled by CorreosChile throughout the country or visit the website, where they will find information about the campaign and can sponsor children from the Metropolitan Region.
For their part, children who want to send their letters to Viejito Pascuero can take them to the designated branches, which must go with their name, age, address, zip code and telephone.
For the general manager of CorreosChile José Luis Rodriguez this is a very special time for the company, because «it is not only an important logistical and operational effort of all the workers and areas of the company, but also a personal commitment of the CorreosChile team because we also actively participate in the sponsorship of a good number of letters that arrive. This campaign was born out of the push of a group of workers 27 years ago; today we are more than 5,000 belts who are actively involved in this initiative.»
The company called for gifts to be delivered prior to December 20 at the eligible post office branches, the day the campaign ends, to ensure they arrive before Christmas. However, from the company they reiterated that gifts can also be given to children directly by the sponsors who so want, and in this way they could live the experience of sharing with the benefited children and their families.
It should be noted that, in 2018, the company found sponsors for more than 35 thousand letters. This year he hopes to surpass 40,000 sponsored cards.
As last year, those who wish to support the campaign through Social Networks will be able to do so with the hashtag #ApadrinaUnaCarta.

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