translated from Spanish: Three men linked to the 19 killed in August in Uruapan, Michoacán

Uruapan, Michoacán.- Three men were arrested by the staff of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) related to the murder of 19 people in this city of Uruapan, which happened on Thursday, August 8 of this year on the Industrial Boulevard.
According to the data obtained by this means, in a recent mobilization in follow-up to the arduous investigations into the multiple crime, the FGE agents came across three male-related men, specifically with a folder initiated by the abduction and death of nine people, seven men and two women, several of them found hanging from a vehicular bridge of the road in reference and others dumped in the asphalt folder.
As you will recall, of the 19 deceased precisely seven were hanging from the aforementioned bridge and two more lying near this site. Similarly, it was reported that the indiciates are involved with a Jalisciense criminal group that from the outset attributed the killings by leaving several narcomessages at the crime scene.
It was also known that those arrested were made available to social representation for their legal status to be defined in accordance with law and it is presumed that they may be related to more criminal acts.
On the subject, the FGE detailed tonight in a press release: «Result of investigative and intelligence tasks, staff of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Michoacán managed to arrest Alexis Michel F., Ricardo Javier G., and Noé G., suspected members of a cell possible relationship in the abduction of nine people; recorded last August in the city of Uruapan.

«On the 8th of the month, at the intersection that form the streets of Libramiento Oriente and Boulevard Industrial, it was known of the discovery of nine lifeless bodies – seven men and two women-; several of them were suspended from the bridge at unevenness and others, on the asphalt tape, under that bridge.
«In connection with this fact, the Research Folder was initiated and the respective measures, consisting of medical and forensic chemistry opinions, were undertaken; planimetry, criminality and witness interviews, among other actions, being able to establish with evidence data, which on different days and at different points, the victims were deprived of liberty by several people, among them, Alexis Michel F., Ricardo Javier G., and Noah G.

«Therefore, the respective arrest warrants were requested before the Control Judge, which were granted, and this day completed by staff of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office.
«Those investigated – allegedly responsible for the crime of aggravated kidnapping – were admitted to the local Prison and made available to the court to resolve their legal status.
«The Institution continues with the investigative acts, as there is data on the possible relationship of the now detained, in other events recorded on the same day (8 August), in this region.

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