translated from Spanish: Amuch Survey: One in two women feel vulnerable in the public space

Despite the efforts of the Government and the Women’s Agenda implemented by Minister Isabel Plá, the survey of the Association of Municipalities of Chile (Amuch) resulted in 39.9% of the women surveyed not knowing the public or private offer to direct support to women in reversing inequity and promoting an equal balance. 
The measuring instrument, which was applied in 552 women of different ages and 124 communes in the country, revealed that one of the points of infeenction in the field of women’s protection is how insecure they feel in the public space, stating that one in two women feel vulnerable to discrimination and/or violence of different kinds that can be exercised. 
On the other hand, the report’s conclusions stated that «47.9 women reported being victims of violence and/or discrimination based on their gender. An alarming fact considering the impact it has on the violation of their rights, affecting their physical, financial autonomy with repercussions on their daily life and social circle in which it develops».
Among the points discussed in the Amuch survey, it is mentioned that 55.6% of women agree that the social outburst through the country has helped to make the demands for equity more publicized.
You can review the results of the «Chilenas and Discrimination: How Far We Have Made Progress in Protecting Women?» survey results here.

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