translated from Spanish: Director of the IDP for Chadwick: «He has never forced (…) that we do something beyond the law»

The Director-General of the IDP, Héctor Espinosa, said on Monday at the Commission that he is analysing the constitutional accusation against the former Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick. It was in the context of this event, where he addressed the relationship he had with the interior ministers of governments that he has been in office. In this sense, he assured that the heads of portfolio, where it includes Jorge Burgos, Mario Fernández, Chadwick, and Gonzalo Blumel «are my hierarchical superiors and have always asked us to have all the capabilities put at the service of the citizenry, which is clarify ingesses of the crimes. I’ve never been given the order and Asked for something illegal,» he replied. And as for Chadwick, he insisted that «I have the absolute peace of mind that my relationship with him has been of a person who is deeply committed to Republican and democratic values and he was absolutely affected, because if there is a person who has defined by the defence of human rights, despite the sector it represents, has been Don Andrés Chadwick. He has never forced or asked or instructed us to do anything beyond the law,» Espinosa added. Also, when asked about the fires that hit the Metro on October 18th, he said, «I have the impression that it was to create chaos. (…) I cannot have the final assertion of what has happened, because we are in an investigative stage, but I have the absolute conviction that there is concerted action here. Maybe he started with social media and this was becoming more crowded,» he concluded.

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