translated from Spanish: Full Life ? THE DEBATE

Life is very curious… the more empty heavier heavier; the fuller the, the lighter. It is not a pun, it is an axiom.Understanding that life itself is not a burden but a gift but not an abyss but a valley is not fast or simple, it is a slow and prolonged but exciting and fruitful process. It goes in stages and each of them has its own teaching. Living each era with intensity and above all realizing its importance is basic. The three key moments: childhood, youth and maturity are subdivided, but broadly speaking, they are the most important. It comes to light who is satisfied with their lifestyle and the opposite too. What makes the difference? Fundamentally two things, to live each stage as it is due with gratitude and enthusiasm. The two virtues are contagious, fruitful and simple to obtain because they are not commodities but the product of individual cultivation. Both are just around the corner but are invisible to those who want to fill theself with substitutes or replicas; they are instead accessible to those who know the purpose of their life and move forward confidently in the timelessness of the true. Educating us to fill us with life rather than things in life is a task that has few years of being practiced but has turned out favorable in recent times. The new generations are already preparing to charge the bill to all those who did nothing to take care of the environment inherited from them for example. Let’s keep getting full of life walking lighter… because an empty life weighs a lot.

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