translated from Spanish: They call for second discussion for project on cop specialization

The overall vote of the project that encourages the preferential specialization of the Law Enforcement and Public Security Forces and which in the main way seeks to define the role of the police in the country and avoid duplication of functions, remained pendi this afternoon in the Senado.La decision not to vote on the draft at today’s session was made after the committee of independent senators requested a second discussion, considering the reports of international human rights agencies and the allegations of excessive use of force during demonstrations in recent weeks. It also raised the need to analyze the initiative in the light of the new background and to take into account the Executive’s project that seeks to protect critical infrastructure (Newsletter No. 13.088-02) that arrived this afternoon in the Senate with urgency of immediate discussion and to be analyzed by the Defense Commission.In essence, the project on specialization seeks that the Forces of Order and Public Security: Carabineros de Chile and the Police of Investigations (PDI) act coordinatedly, which is currently difficult given the legislation that regulates them. To do this, it starts by delimiting the role of each one, in order to facilitate its operation in the case of the different crimes that are prevented and investigated. As explained by the chairman of the Public Security Commission, Senator Felipe Harboe, who reported the scope of the project, the initiative seeks that Carabineros focus its functions on preventive work and the POI on the research. It also aims to standardize processes and establish coordination to prevent duplication of functions. Senators Alejandro Navarro, Iván Moreira, José Miguel Insulza, Carlos Bianchi, Pedro Araya, Alejandro Guillier, Francisco Huenchumilla, Víctor Pérez, Ximena Rincón, Francisco Chahuán, Juan Pablo Letelier, Juan Antonio Coloma, Carlos Montes, Isabel Allende, Luz Ebensperger and Juan Castro.The Minister of Interior and Public Security, Gonzalo Blumel, also spoke that progress should be made on a profound reform of Carabineros and insisted on advancing this initiative, because is part of those changes. Among the arguments for postponing the vote on the project, he took the idea that the initial discussion was made long before the social outburst, in a context other than the current one, where Carabineros has been questioned for violating human rights during his police procedures. While the majority felt that the project aims to address some deficiencies in the work of the police, they agreed that it is essential to look at substantive issues such as uniformed police training and deep reform. They also raised the need for a special session to discuss the issue in depth and globally, further considering that the Executive entered the Senate a project that modifies the Armed Forces LOC to safeguard infrastructure Criticism. However, there were some senators who raised the need to move forward on this project, because while it does not solve everything, it is a step forward in public order, which has been strongly affected by theft, robberies and fires, in that sense, they said that public safety is an urgency and priority.

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