translated from Spanish: Women with covered faces paint and break furniture; 2 injured

Women with their faces covered broke furniture on Monday like that of Hamburg Metrobus station, painted on monuments and threw firecrackers, while another group peacefully spoke out against gender-based violence and femicides on Paseo de la Reforma to the Zocalo, commemorating the International Day of The Elimination of Violence against Women.
«Most of the marching attendees demonstrated peacefully, however, during the route a small group of people with their faces covered caused damage to some Paseo de la Reforma parabuses, as well as pints on various monuments, in some cases they tried to set fire, which was immediately controlled by the capital police,» the Capital government said, in a late-night statement.
Preventively, the statement added, the female policemen who participated in the operation removed hammers and artifacts from the women with a covered face.
«According to the police report, two injured officers, one marching assistant and a journalist-working man were recorded, so they were both cared for at the site by elements of the Rescue and Medical Emergency Squad (ERUM), and did not require transfer,» the authorities reported.
At one point the women with their faces covered removed the fences surrounding the monument to Cuauhtémoc, in Reforma and Insurgentes, to advance towards him and make pints, in addition to making burning.

At the Columbus Roundabout, female police officers activated fire extinguishers toward women with their faces covered, to protect the monument and respond to objects they threw at them.

The women tried to remove the fences from the Columbus Glorieta, but police responded with extinguishers to move them away.
Video?: @elycruzla
— (@Pajaropolitico) November 26, 2019

Along the route to the Zocalo, broken glass was observed in several businesses, in addition to different pints, even in the Hemicycle to Juarez.

The more than 2,000 public servants who were said to participate as the «Peace Belt», to accompany the demonstration, did not intervene in these events.
With information from Andrea Vega and Nayeli Roldán
Photos and videos: Elizabeth Cruz
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Original source in Spanish

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