translated from Spanish: Criteria survey hits government on security issue: 94% put slay red score on law enforcement

A severe blow to the government on security was unclear on Wednesday. According to the Criteria survey of the Citizens’ Agenda, 94% of the population assigned him a «red» grade in the restoration of public order, while 91% assigned the same rating to the statement «Government action has allowed me to feel more calm or quiet.»
Since the beginning of the social outburst on October 18, President Sebastián Piñera’s speech has been mainly focused on violence and security. On November 7, the Commonwealth announced a security agenda, which was ratified this week after it announced that it would send Congress a draft constitutional reform to allow the Armed Forces (FFAA) to safeguard critical infrastructure. But despite the attempts, the Government has failed to restore public order, which is reflected in the results of the Criteria Citizen Agenda survey.
Debacle on presidential approval
The approval of Sebastián Piñera has also suffered a severe blow when reaching historic lows. The survey shows that it dropped by four percentage points to 12%, the lowest level during his rule and lower than what his predecessor Michelle Bachelet, whose lowest level was 16%, achieved. The figure of 12% matches what the Cadem Public Square survey shows.
Disapproval also had a hike to 84%, a record figure. Meanwhile, the government’s work reached 87 rejection points and the backing dropped by two points, ranking at 11.
«Optimism» for the social movement
On the other hand, 70% of respondents expressed an optimist about the social movement and believe that the mobilizations account for «a society that awakens and that things may be better in the country», an indicator that last month was at 79%.
Meanwhile, those who feel «pessimistic» and consider that «disorder and lack of control took over the country» rose from 21% to 30%.
Economic situation
As far as the economic situation is concerned, only 6% consider this to be good, two points less than the previous month, while the idea that it is bad reached an all-time high of 44 points, 3 more than last month.
When it comes to the personal economic situation, only 10% say it is positive and 35% negative. 18% believe that this economic situation will improve in the next 12 months. 27% think it’s going to get worse.

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