translated from Spanish: Hannibal Meuse: «The conditions for championship continuity are not there»

The president of Black and White, Aníbal Mosa, clarified that Colo Colo voted for the final suspension of the 2019 National Championship, an election that ended up losing in the vote held on Tuesday in the Council of Presidents of the ANFP.
Unable to achieve the quorum needed to end the tournament, of 38 votes (34 votes were achieved), the competition will eventually continue in its final stretch and now the ANFP will have to reschedule the remaining dates.
Against this backdrop, the top leader of the ‘Cacique’ stated that «we believe that there are no conditions for the continuity of the Championship and we voted for it, the country is going through a social movement».
«For Colo Colo the most important thing has always been the safety of our players, fans and neighbors (…) We told the ANFP board that we are not in normal times,» added the Puerto Rican entrepreneur.
With a nuisance, Mosa noted that «now you have to play, because today we have bases that are leonines and that do not represent democracy itself in the ANFP (…) The logical thing was to finish the championship now and get ready for a normal tournament next year.»
«We were about to play with the security conditions, but we think they are gone today and that’s why Colo Colo expressed his vote against it,» the Albo reviewer said.

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