translated from Spanish: Lorenzo Córdova warns of attempt to subordinate the INE

INE Presiding Director Lorenzo Córdova criticized an initiative of Morena legislators, so that the INE presidency will last only 3 years and not 9, as it is established now.
Behind that proposal, Córdova mentioned during a conference in Zacatecas, there is an attempt to subject the Institute to a «political subordination».
«Why are ministers appointed to the Court for 15 years? Why isn’t it every six years? For precisely to break the logic of a body that has a function of political control of the swings of one’s own politics,» he said.
«What is this initiative raising? That each legislature appoint its president to the General Council. That is, to subordinate to the winds from which the political majority behind each election blows, who will be the ones that will drive the fates of the election management authority,» he added.
Córdova commented that it would be better if the electoral system retains the rules it currently has, rather than considering initiatives that want to affect its independence from political power.
«Not a step back in the autonomy of the electoral authorities. Not a step back in the certainty we have managed to conquer in terms of the procedures that today yield certain and reliable results,» he said.
According to the newspaper Reforma, the initiative presented by the brunette Sergio Gutiérrez – and supported by other deputies of Morena, PES, PT and Green Party – establishes that the change of president of the INE takes place for the first time in the next appointment of four advisers or election advisers, who will assume their post in April 2020.
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