translated from Spanish: Mexican cartels to be designated terrorist organizations: Trump

President Donald Trump said in an interview with journalist Bill O’Reilly that Mexican drug cartels will be designated by the United States as terrorist organizations.
«Absolutely they will be appointed … I’ve been working on this for the last 90 days. You know, the designation isn’t that easy, you have to go through a process,» he said in the interview.
He commented that although the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, rejected his support after the attack on the LeBarón family, in which nine people died, «something has to be done».
Following the murder in Sonora of several members of his family in Mexico, the LeBarón family asked the United States government to declare Mexican drug cartels terrorist organizations.
This, arguing that policies implemented by the Mexican government to combat drug trafficking have been «failed».
Mexican Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard noted that Mexico will never accept any action that would mean a violation of national sovereignty.
In a statement on Trump’s statements, the Mexican government noted that it will seek to have a «high-level» meeting as soon as possible, to present Mexico’s position and to know the views of the U.S. authorities.
«As with other issues on the bilateral agenda, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will promote dialogue and a roadmap that will allow us to move forward to reduce the flow of arms and money to organized crime from the United States to Mexico, as well as chemical precursors and drugs that cross our territory to the northern country,» the government of Mexico said in its statement.
«As far as is inferred from the statement, and based on the information that the authorities of our neighboring country have so far given us, it is estimated that the meeting proposed by Mexico can be held in the near future. The Government of Mexico will continue its diplomatic work towards an understanding that, from cooperation and intelligence, will ensure the security of both countries,» he added.
In the LeBarón application, the LeBarón proposed that Mexican cartels traffic all kinds of drugs to the United States with total impunity, thanks to their «apparently» unlimited resources.
«Their unbridled acts of violence and murder have invaded our borders and created an international crisis. They seek political power to create a drug estates in Mexico (…) They are terrorists, and it’s time to recognize it!» he reads in his request.
In response, Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard considered that the measure of designating them as terrorist organizations is not necessary to combat them effectively.
Should the United States designate cartels, he said, they could intervene directly in our country, based on its legal framework on terrorism, and that is something that the Mexican government «will not allow.»
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