translated from Spanish: PPD, DC, PS and PR reject violence and call for political solution to social crisis

Former New Majority parties on Wednesday rejected the acts of violence that have been recorded during the last days in the country, and called for a political solution through the constituent agreement.
The presidents of the Party for Democracy (PPD), Christian Democracy (DC), Socialist Party (PS) and Radical Party (PR), made their position known through a signed document. The declaration also featured liberal party mp Vlado Mirosevic.
«With the same force that we have condemned serious human rights violations, and in the face of increased violence, stinging, incendiary attacks on hospitals, ambulances, churches, media and trade, undersigned parties we express our strongest rejection of these acts of violence and vandalism,» the statement says.
«Nothing justifies these attacks that have generated a sense of misrule and fear,» they added.
«Incendiary attacks and looting are not only repudiable, but demobilize peaceful protest. Those who take advantage of peaceful mobilizations to commit crimes must be isolated,» they add.
They also called on the Government to «fulfill its responsibility to maintain public order. For this purpose, it will be necessary to profoundly reform the police, improve intelligence and preventive work, and that Carabineros stop acting harshly in the face of peaceful and soft protesters in the face of criminals who rant and burn.»
«We insist that the only sustainable way out of the crisis in our country is political in nature, through the progress of the constituent process and a social pact accompanied by tax justice,» the statement concluded.
While Mr Vlado Mirosevic said that «it is our duty to be heard clearly either with the violation of human rights or with that violence that we are experiencing these days.»
«Another statement is being drafted on the Broad Front and a joint statement is being discussed, which we’re probably going to attend, too, but we felt we had to react quickly and we’ve had this conversation with them,» she added.

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