translated from Spanish: Records of HaeCHR applicants will be thoroughly reviewed; MPs claim

Morelia; Michoacán.- After five hours of work, the Members of the United Commissions on Human Rights and Justice decided to decree a recess to the work of the analysis of the files of the State Commission on Human Rights, so they reported in a statement.
The legislators agreed that the work will be permanent in order to give certainty to the selection process and that all participants have the necessary guarantees for those who covered the requirements set out in the call compare to the Members of the United Committees.
So far only two of the applicants were dismissed for failing to deliver in a timely manner the documents that were established in the call, while the other 25 files are thoroughly reviewed to ensure transparency and transparency equitable participation.
It should be noted that the analysis of the files will be carried out in the next few hours and this will be private, by agreement of the legislators and to guarantee the right to the protection of the personal data of the participants.
Once this process is finished, the names of the applicants who move on to the next stage that is the arraignment will be released on December 3rd and from them will be the tender ery that comes before the plenary to elect the next head of the State Commission of De Human huts.
The meeting was attended by the chairmen of the Commissions on Human Rights and Justice, Teresa Mora Covarrubias and Antonio Salas Valencia, respectively in addition to the deputies, Adriana Hernández Iñiguez, Araceli Saucedo, Ernesto Núñez Aguilar, Fermín Bernabé Bahena, Javier Paredes Andrade, Gabriela Ceballos Hernández and Antonio Soto Sánchez.

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