translated from Spanish: Channel 13 offered apologies to Hermógenes Pérez de Arce for what happened in the morning

Controversy has generated what happened this day in the morning of Canal 13, when Tonka Tomicic asked Hermógenes Pérez de Arce to withdraw from the study after denying the existence of violations of the DDs. HH systematically in dictatorship this has generated a wave of criticism so Channel 13 offered its apologies to the lawyer after what happened. Through a public statement, the private station stated in one of its points that “the channel regrets the way in which Mr. Pérez de Arce’s intervention in the program was terminated and apologizes for the bad time this may have caused him.” In addition, the document states that “the channel has a commitment to freedom of expression and pluralism, which aims to accommodate all opinions in an environment of respect and civic friendship.” With regard to the opinion expressed on the episode by the comptroller of the channel, the executive management reaffirms its independence and autonomy in the determination and application of its editorial line. We continue to convene our programs in voices that reflect the diverse opinions of Chilean society and work hard to improve all our processes and content”, concludes the statement signed by Maximiliano Luksic.

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