translated from Spanish: Karla Rubilar’s partner has a contract at the Segegob for $1

A month ago, the third cabinet change of the second government of Sebastián Piñera was made, in which he removed the heads of his political and economic team and among the new people was that at that time who was mayor of the Metropolitan Region Karla Rubilar, was nominated in the government voice.
The spokeswoman has a relationship with the journalist and former television face, Christian Pino, who was hired to fees between November 1 and December 31 of this year for a remuneration of $2, which will be paid in two installments messages of $1 , as reported by La Tercera PM after entering the contract signed between the Undersecretariat General of Government and Pino.
In interview with CNN it was the secretary of state herself who gave the lights of a contract in between with Christian Pino, as she stated that “he has an administrative contract that allows him to enter, have his credential and be able to be in La Moneda. For that it gains a weight and there is access, everyone can see it, because there is no other objective other than to be able to contribute, literally, free to be able to work for all Chileans”.
The contract details that the communicator “will serve in the Ministerial Cabinet of this body, exercising the functions of communicative advisory to the Minister General of Government, as well as the entire Ministerial Cabinet”.
“The contracted to high-end fees shall attend on a daily basis, in working days and hours, or inability, provided that in the latter case, there is prior agreement with the Chief of Staff of the Undersecretariat-General of Government, to the premises of this Ministry”, Specifies.
“For the above you will be provided with institutional credential, and access to information relating to this State Portfolio,” the document ends.”

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