translated from Spanish: Maite Orsini after lunch in Zapallar with her parents: Am I really going to have to explain?

During this day, Democratic Revolution DEPUTY Maite Orsini was the target of harsh critics on Twitter for appearing on a register having lunch at a empanada in Zapallar with her parents. The record led to the MP becoming Trending Topic, to which she came out to respond on the same social network as “I came to see my mom because I didn’t see her more than a month ago and because I love her and I miss her. Am I really going to have to explain that? Do you really think there are people who think you can’t go to X beach for?” Orsini concluded by noting “It is good that fewer and fewer people think as if we were in the nineteenth century.” The congresswoman was also backed by various members of the chamber, such as DC Matías Walker, who stated that “it is hard to believe that it is the subject that Maite Orsini can eat a empanada with her parents in Zapallar”, adding that “Many of those who criticize it ask return to normal, and how normal people may be in a public space with their family. And it’s part of their dignity not to be disturbed.” While Ximena Ossandón (RN) stated, also in support of Deputy RD, that “the issue is not that Maite Orsini is in Zapallar. The problem is that there are Chileans who continue to believe that there are certain places unique to a type of people and other places for people of supposed ‘lower rank'” and stated that “The term of classism must also be part of the new social pact.”

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