translated from Spanish: They denounce official of the Municipality of Santiago for participating in looting in La Cisterna

It all split as a complaint on social media. An official of the Municipality of Santiago was caught participating in a sacy on Thursday night in the commune of La Cisterna.
According to the account, protesters acted against shearers by dumping the cars in which they were walking, discovering that one of them is an employee of the municipality commanded by Felipe Alessandri.
It was Victor Sandoval Avendaño, assistant to the independent councilor pro RN and chairman of the citizen security commission, Juan Mena Echeverría. His municipal ID was found at the site of the event.

The information was later confirmed by the same Municipality of Santiago, which through a statement posted on Twitter noted that “the adviser to a councillor involved in an incident on the night of Thursday, November 28, filed his resignation indeclinable, the one that has already been processed.”
“The municipality reiterates its strong commitment to social peace and reaffirms its absolute rejection of the crimes that have been committed in different parts of the country,” they added without giving further details about the facts.

Original source in Spanish

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