translated from Spanish: Alberto Thorn on Amnesty’s conclusion to military action: «is unacceptable slander»

Defence Minister Alberto Espina spoke of the various controversies circulating over military power and action in these days of crisis. «It is an unacceptable slander, without any evidence or report, and is accused of harming or injuring Chileans about the military’s findings about the military’s action in the State of Emergency. 90 thousand FF.AA. troops were on the street for nine days, with exemplary professionalism, only three deceased people, one for a traffic accident and two cases that hurt and regret us but that justice is investigating,» he said in a interview with El Mercurio. On the discussion over the bill that allows military personnel to take care of the «critical infrastructure» without the need to convene a state of emergency, Defense Minister Alberto, Espina, said that the uniformed have the support of the government and called the opposition to approving the regulations. The Defense owner noted that «it is very important that we get the bill that allows the FF. AA take care of critical infrastructure, it is necessary to give greater security to Chileans and regain peace,» he said in an interview with El Mercurio. On a possible new exit of military to the streets to control the unrest, the minister noted that «my responsibility is that if the FF. AA take to the streets, either with clear rules, because they are a valuable capital for Chile, and I am deeply proud of the responsible way in which they have acted.» Espina also noted that «the President has already called for this critical infrastructure law, but if the violence continues, he has absolutely open the possibility of decreing a state of emergency.»

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