translated from Spanish: China accuses Michelle Bachelet of ‘inappropriate interference’ in her internal affairs over Hong Kong crisis

China on Saturday (30.11.2019) accused former President and current United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, of “inappropriate” interference in her domestic affairs, after her i investigate possible excessive use of force in Hong Kong by the police.
Bachelet published an opinion column in the South China Morning Post in which he stated that “global experience shows that if governments and security forces treat their peoples as enemies, they can become enemies. The use of force breaks trust: in institutions, in leaders and in the rule of law that in places like Hong Kong and my own country, Chile, are so appreciated (…) accountability is key, both in the case of allegations of excessive force by the violence by people leading to death, serious injury or serious harm.”
“Asking for an independent investigation into the use of force by the police does not tarnish the image of the police and security forces, nor punishofficers who have had to make immense personal sacrifices. On the contrary, it sends a message that this is a force that works hard to comply with the rule of law and guidelines on the use of force, and is open to an examination of their conduct, and that it values responsibility where those rules were not strict followed,” the ex-man added.
In a statement, the Chinese mission to the UN in Geneva stated that the article is “wrong” and “violates the objectives and principles of the Charter of the United Nations”, while stating that it collects “inappropriate comments on the situation in the administrative region Hong Kong special (…) (e) interferes with China’s internal affairs.”
Belizenian and Taiwanese stop Belizean for participating in Hong Kong riots
Meanwhile, a citizen of Belize and a Taiwanese citizen were arrested in China for allegedly participating in the Hong Kong riots and engaging in activities that “endanger China’s national security,” official sources reported today.
Taiwan resident Lee Meng-chu was arrested by national security authorities in Shenzhen (city bordering Hong Kong) for allegedly spying on and leaking Chinese national secrets. In another similar operation, Lee Henley, a Belizean citizen, was arrested by authorities in Guangzhou (a town near the former British colony) on charges of funding activities and conspiring with foreign forces to support the unrest.

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