translated from Spanish: Blumel called on Congress to expedite projects to restore public order

The Minister of interior and public security, Gonzalo Blumel, on Monday addressed the need for the National Congress to expedite the bills sent in order to advance the restoration of public order. In this sense, the portfolio holder said that none of the agendas, social and economic recovery «will be able to develop effectively, nor will they be able to materialize in a good way if we do not recover public order. Our country and our economy demand a total and absolute commitment from all Chileans more than ever to restore public order,» he said. «We need as soon as possible the project that allows the Armed Forces to collaborate in the protection of the critical structure. We need the prosecution to investigate, prosecute and enforce maximum sanctions for those who are aglading our democracy,» he said. In doing so, he added, «the damage that is being done to Chileans, we will not tolerate it, it is a harm that today harms SMEs, workers and all those who want reform, they want change, but they want them with social peace» Said. In addition, Blumel replied that «as Minister of the Interior I want to reiterate firmly and clearly that Carabineros counts and will continue to have the full support to restore public order, using all the tools that democratic legality puts willingness to restore public order,» he said, adding all this «following protocols and with unrestricted attachment to human rights.»

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