translated from Spanish: Mexico remains the country with low learning levels; according to the PISA 2018 test

According to the study conducted the PISA 2018 test reported by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). which assesses the competencies of students in the branches referred to, and whose results will be disseminated today worldwide, Mexico achieved a performance of 420 points in reading, 409 in mathematics and 419 in science.

In the same areas, the OECD average was 487, 489 and 489 respectively, so Mexico was below average.
Compared to the last PISA (International Student Assessment Program) test in 2015, the average performance of 15-year-old Mexican students, who are the ones evaluated on the OECD test, dropped three points in reading, rose one in mathematics and went up three in science.
In this regard, the OECD assessed a total of 1 million 480,904 Mexican students aged 15, representing 66% of the total population of that age.
From that universe, the PISA 2018 study identified that the majority, 55% of students, were able to identify by reading a moderate-length text basic ideas «and can reflect on the purpose and shape of the texts when explicitly instructed to do so.»
The OECD noted that «almost no student demonstrated high competence» meaning that a student can «creatively and autonomously apply his or her knowledge of science in a wide variety of situations, including unknown situations.»

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