translated from Spanish: Candidates rejecting eCHR’s investigations against them by the body

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- During the appearances of the candidates for the presidency of the State Commission on Human Rights (ECHR), The deputy Javier Paredes Andrade, asked directly the aspirants Lorenzo Corro Díaz and Elvia Higuera Pérez, about the alleged recommendations against him by the same agency, accusations that both rejected by justifying that their files were filed.
On the part of Corro Díaz, it is known that he was given a process of disabling duties, through a file of 2016 for administrative responsibilities, around the non-payment of orders of former workers of the same Commission. The applicant said the file is on file and there’s nothing against him.
For his part, and in the same question from the legislator, Elvia Higuera clarified that he foresaw the appearance, twice asked the ECHR for a record to verify that there are no investigations against him, since he accused the Commission for which the ti is fighting today tularity, violated his right of hearing.

On a first alleged recommendation he also said that it was filed, while a second mentioned that no notification was never issued, either to the Attorney General’s Office of the State Attorney General (PGJE), or to her.
Higuera Pérez is known to have served as Prosecutor in Family Violence in the now extinct. PGJE, a time when he did receive a recommendation but from the Visitor of the Attorney General.

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