translated from Spanish: Cardenas hopes Mexico won’t be facing another six-year loss with AMLO

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzano, a former candidate for the presidency of Mexico, said he does not see the government led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador as left-wing.
“I don’t know what Morena’s proposals are to raise economic growth or to sustain it and in the long term. I don’t know your foreign policy proposals or to reduce inequality. I don’t know where Morena is from an ideological point of view,” she told an interview with El País newspaper.
The three-time presidential candidate considered that there are now many left-wingers.
“It’s very hard to say who’s on the left and who’s not. I don’t see an organized left right now, or any major politician in what I would call the left,” he said.
During his visit to Spain for the events related to the 80th anniversary of the Civil War, and the republican exile in Mexico, he said he hoped that the government of López Obrador will not be another lost six-year.
“Could Mexico be facing another lost six-year, ” the newspaper asked.
“That’s what many of us think. I hope not, cárdenas Solórzano replied
Questioned about what he thought of López Obrador declaring himself a cardinal, he said that he does not see that anyone is on the same level as the characters that appear on the emblem of Morena: Hidalgo, Morelos, Juárez and Lázaro Cárdenas.
“What I would call cardenism would be an ongoing struggle for the rescue, enlargement and effective exercise of the country’s sovereignty, for the raising of people’s living standards, for an international policy that seeks equity in relations. I don’t see it.”
The founder of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) felt that there must be a more equitable distribution of wealth in this government, as well as policies aimed at raising people’s living conditions.
“We have to look for a policy where people’s living conditions can be raised. This would require that policies that have to do with education, health, job creation, Social Security, apart from intensifying their forces and effects, could also have within their components how to reduce violence, how to ensure security. It is very important that we have a more equitable distribution of wealth.”
He also spoke of the importance of a tax reform that has among its clear objectives to raise the collection of the state “in order to be able to face the problems that the country has and that establishes the mechanisms and percentages that of that collection must correspond to the federal government, the state government and the municipalities, which are now very unbalanced”.
Cárdenas Solórzano also spoke about the migration issue and said that he disagreed on the new policy being implemented by the current government.
“I disagree with Mexico doing the dirty work for the United States,” he said.
He argued that it is not the same political exile as forced migration for reasons of economic misery, social or violence within the country, as a war.
“Mexico opened the doors as far as possible at any given time and now exercises control that I do not know how far it will allow this migration, which is intended to be directed to the United States, to continue to occur.”
On these statements, the president said this morning that he respects Cardenas Solórzano and that he will not go into controversy because in democracy there is a right to dissent.
“I am not for controversy and much respect for the engineer, we are also free, we want democracy and democracy is debate, it is guarantee of freedoms, it is the right to dissent, plurality, we have said it is often not unique thinking, it would be boring life very much if we all thought the same.
We are carrying out the Fourth Transformation of the public life of the country, it is not a simple change of government, it is a change of regime and the main objective is to banish the corruption of the country and we are advancing in that purpose and that leads us to do justice,” he said.
With information from El País 
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