translated from Spanish: Government presents indication that seeks to reduce the number of parliamentarians

The Minister General of the Presidency (Segpres), Felipe Ward, announced from La Moneda the sending of an indication seeking to reduce the number of parliamentarians from 155 to 120 deputies, and from 43 to 40 senators, 28 districts and the 16 constituencies currently governing.
With this, the Electoral Service (Servel) was authorized to establish the number of seats relevant to each case from April 2020, so that the change will take effect in the next elections.
Ward further confirmed that the proportional system will be maintained, a point which he said was part of the social agenda announced by the Government in the context of Chile’s social crisis.
Meeting in The Currency for the Constituent Agreement
On Thursday, at the Palacio de la Moneda, President Sebastián Piñera and the Minister of the Interior, Gonzalo Blumel, held a meeting with the Chile Salet parties in order to fine-tune details around the constituent agreement.
Following the meeting, evópoli’s president, Hernán Larraín Matte, said the sector will remain attached to the pact signed on November 15, leaving out issues such as gender parity and participation of the native peoples.

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