translated from Spanish: New Public Space Survey – Ipsos is unveiled: consulted believe that a new Constitution would not appease mobilizations

Public Space and Ipsos released the Mobilization 2019 survey, which evaluates what happened in the country from the mobilizations of the social outburst until November 26, and aims to publicize the feeling of the r Chile in the face of this situation.
One of the most revealing data was that 54% of respondents believe that mobilizations will continue despite the «Social Peace Agreement» and the announcement of a new Constitution.» While 24% believe they will decrease and 19% will increase.
In the item on what measures would help to resolve the conflict, 51% of respondents opted for the option of pension reform. It is followed by the minimum wage increase by 38%. And in the third preference he leans on a health reform, with 28%.
When asked what kind of leadership the country needs, 50% of respondents chose «empathy and knowledge well of the pains of Chileans,» followed by «leadership ability to reach agreements between political authorities,» with 19%, and «firm hand to combat violence,» at 14%.
In another of the consultations, 68% of Chileans believe that «what has happened so far is necessary to bring about change in the country». Whereas 17% believe in disagreeing.
In this same item that consults on «Uncertainty, fear and inevitability», 53% are afraid of suffering vandalism or slaughties. Forty-five percent are afraid of military presence on the streets. And 52% to defuelling.

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